Does Sea Moss Expire? How to Store Sea Moss.

Does Sea Moss Expire? How to Store Sea Moss.


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We often get a lot of questions about Sea Moss, especially customers asking about Expiration dates, storage instructions, and more.

This Blog will be about the shelf life of Sea Moss, how and where to store it, and what to look for if your Sea Moss is expired.
Below we will answer a few frequently asked questions 🙂

Where do I store Sea Moss Gel? 

Sea Moss Gel should be stored in the Refrigerator. If you are ordering your Sea Moss from us, please refrigerate upon arrival. 

If you are making Sea Moss from home, same rules apply. After you prepare your Sea Moss from home, store it in the Refrigerator and allow 1 hour for thickening.

Where do I store Raw or Dry Sea Moss?

Raw-Sundried Sea Moss should be stored in a Cool, Dark Area away from Light and Moisture. Store dry Sea Moss in an air tight container, or tightly sealed bag to reserve it's Freshness. 



How long does Sea Moss Last?

Sea Moss gel is good for 3-4 weeks in Fridge, while Dry Sea Moss is good for up to 1 year. Sea Moss Gel is Best to consume within 30 days of the date it was prepared on.

My Sea Moss arrived Warm is it still good? 

Yes! All you have to do is put it in the Fridge. At The Nature's Oasis we always make our Sea Moss Fresh! 💚 Your Sea Moss is always prepared the day of or the day prior to shipping. Our Jars are securely wrapped and Ice Packs are included in all packages to keep Items cool during Transit. Please Refrigerate upon arrival. 

Does Sea Moss Expire??

Yes, Sea Moss does Expire. We strongly encourage all of our customers to use their Sea Moss within 30 Days of the date the Sea Moss was prepared, after that time frame the Sea Moss gel should not consume. 


I heard of people using their Sea Moss longer than 30 days? Is that ok?

There are people who claim to have used their Sea Moss gel a few days or even a week after 30 days with no issues.  However, we do not recommend using Sea Moss after 30 days to  avoid spoilage, or any unwanted  side effects.


What are the signs of Expired Sea Moss?

You will know if your Sea Moss is bad or Expired if there is Green or Black Mold, with a slimy texture, and have a strong Foul Odor.

Sea Moss naturally has a Sea like smell. However, when we speak of spoilage indicators we are referring to after the 30 day period of when your gel was prepared if you notice any of the listed signs above please do not consume the Sea Moss gel.



 About The Nature's Oasis 

We are an online Sea Moss company that supply High Quality Authentic Sea Moss. Our products are Freshly made, and 100% Wildcrafted. We do not use chemicals to preserve our products, our Sea Moss All Natural. 

Please Consult with a Medical Professional first before Incorporating Sea Moss into your diet. 

These Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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