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Purple " Irish Moss Gel" Chondrus Crispus

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Chondrus Crispus is rare and only available during harvest season, which makes this Sea Moss species in high demand. 

We provide the Cleanest, High Quality Chondrus Crispus Irish Sea Moss whole leaf Sea Moss, that contain all of the Important Vitamins and Minerals that keep our Bodies Healthy! 

Chondrus Crispus is the most Superior, the most Powerful, and the Most Potent Sea Moss species. It contains more fiber than most vegetables, it is also a great source of Omega-3, and Healthy fats. Irish Sea Moss is Packed with So Many Essential Elements such as vitamins A,E,D,K, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iodine and more!

Product Description:

  • Promote Healthy Heart*
  • Cholesterol Respiratory support, coughs and infection*
  • Promote Detox, Mucous Cleansing*
  • Promote Healthy Immune System*
  • Cognitive support, mental clarity*
  • Digestive support*
  • Thyroid Support*
  • Weight Loss Management*
  • Energy enhancement*
  • Great for Skin care, beauty products!


    Chondrus Crispus is a Red Algae, also known as the only Real "Irish Moss". It is also known as Carrageen Moss, due to it's High Carrageen content. It grows it's natural environment on Rocks along the Atlantic coast of Europe, and North America, in areas such as the coast of Ireland, Peru, Canada, and Maine.

    Irish Moss contains a natural thickening agent, that is used to thicken many food products such as ice cream, beverages, soups, sauces, and more! 

    Our Purple Chondrus Crispus "Irish Moss" contains Anthocyanins that have numerous beneficial effects. Anthocyanins is a powerful antioxidant, that provides pigment and give Chondrus Crispus it's Beautiful color. Chondrus Crispus is very Potent. It has a Stronger Smell, and a Stronger Taste than Sea Moss Gold. Very Powerful. 

    How to use: Sea Moss can be added to any Food or Healthy Drink of your Choice.

    Such as: Smoothies, Coffee, Tea, and More! The recommended dosage for Irish Sea Moss is 1-2 Tablespoons Per day.

    Chondrus Crispus is a great thickener you can add to soups, stews, porridge, and salad dressings. It also can be used as a Great home-made Hair or Face Mask. 

    Storage: Store Raw Irish Moss in a Air tight container, or a tightly sealed bag for 1 year. Keep away from moisture and humidity.

    Once you convert Store Irish Sea Moss into a Gel, store it in Refrigerator for 30 Days and up to 3-6 months in the Freezer.


    It is normal for Chondrus Crispus Irish Moss to  have a ocean fishy smell and taste. Do Not Use if you have a Iodine or Shellfish Allergy. If you have high levels of Iodine, we recommend you do not consume this product due to the high amount of Iodine in Irish Moss.Please Consult with a Medical Professional First Before Incorporating Sea Moss Into Your Diet. Due to the Nature of Our Products We can NOT Offer any Refunds or Exchanges. All Sales Are Final for The Health and Safety of our customers.

    These Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are Not intended to  diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Organic Sea Moss

    Our products will provide you with the Greatest, Purest taste, and the Most Health Benefits. Our Sea Moss is All Natural, Gluten-Free, and has No added Preservatives.